“EduWare” is desktop application based on client server architecture. It covers entire “School” activities starting from “Admission process” to issuing “Transfer certificate” to student. Following are its main modules :

School Administration

School administrator can setup school policies using this module. They can setup shifts, fee structure, vacation, holidays and other admin details. They can monitor/drive complete admission process starting from “Application Form Submission” to admission conformations. It contains all possible reports like…class wise performance, employees’ attendance, all result related information and other required information. This module is used normally by “Principle / Director “of school to run school smoothly.

Student Management

Using this module school can enrolls new students based on the guidelines laid by school authorities and available vacancies. It filters out the applications based on admissions guidelines. Once basic filtration is completed, school “Admission Committee” decides the merits of an applicant and grants admission accordingly.

Student Attendance Management

Attendance of the student is recorded in an attendance sheet everyday by class teacher. The class teacher/ attendance clerk uses this sheet to record student wise attendance. Also, school authorities use consolidated attendance to check the eligibility of the student to sit in exam. Attendance is taken in once for a day. Same data is used to alert to parent / guardian of student via SMS/Email.

Student Discipline And Class Allocation

A class and a roll number are allocated to new students. It also allocates subjects to students.

Employee Management

Management / Admin can maintain employee (teaching and non teaching staff) related information using this module. It includes their personal information, attendance, leaves, payroll (tax, HRA, other deduction), allot subjects/ class and various reports.

Doctor Check-up and Behavior Test

School monitors overall physical and mental growth of the students. Using this module they can keep data/ information of all such tests that are taken by the specialists on the regular basis and use this information for student progress report.

Materials Management

To smoothly monitor material flow (like black board, lights, fans, stationery, etc) school can use this module. It also records the request from the staff or students it then checks and forwards the valid requests to the stores. Requests are processed on availability of the item. It also has facility to record all purchasing and selling transactions. School has a central store. The system keeps track of various items like black board, lights, fans, stationery, etc. The school office records the request from the staff or students it then checks and forwards the valid requests to the stores. Requests are processed on availability of the item. The system also facility to record all purchasing and selling transactions

SMS module/ email

School can send alert / information via SMS/email to parents / guidance. These can include results, absent, announcement related information.

Transportation Management

School can manage their transport activities using this module. Like assign driver to bus, assign student to given bus, fix start time and start time and other activities. It also has report section which give information about driver assigned to each bus / route, various route map, students using this facility.